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Welcome to Our Website! 
Are you a teddy bear enthusiast? 
Whether it’s decorating a nursery,
throwing a
teddy bear themed party
or collecting antique teddy bears,
teddy bears have become very popular
with people of all ages!

This website is designed to give you
lots of ideas and information about
the teddy bear,including its history.
Feel free to browse the site and leave
me any feedback! I’m adding things
Weekly, so check back frequently! Oh,
please don't forget to sign my guestbook.

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Teddy bear collectors are...
Arctophiles (Greek) meaning..... 
arcto (bear)   philos (lover)

Rarity and condition are all-important when
placing value on a teddy bear.
Original tags, labels, and buttons increase
value-however, safety conscious parents
often removed buttons.
Being nibbled on by moths and faded by the
sun will decrease value and desirability to buy.



Teddy Bear Picnic Song
The teddy bear
picnic song in the YouTube video
was originally recorded in 1932 by...
Henry Hall and his Orchestra.




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